aims to bring you all the latest news and information from the European Championships in Poland/Ukraine. The site was set up in October 2011 to satisfy the demand for information on this popular football tournament.

Simon James: Editor & Webmaster

As Editor of, Simon is the brains behind the site, and is heavily involved in site layout and design, and setting out the marketing and business plan of the site. With a background in web development, marketing and of course an interest in European football, Simon also contributes articles.

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Tom Richards: Deputy Editor

Tom is the featured content writer of, having graduated with a degree in Journalism from Sheffield University in 2008. Tom’s role is to write and comment on the latest news items, upload his articles and delegate work to our correspondents.

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Peter Sutherland: Sub-Editor

Peter is our sub editor, which means he is responsible for copy, editing and reviewing articles and generally making sure all the articles are original pieces of work, and formatted correctly and  published in the correct format online. Peter is also an avid football fan and contributes to the site.

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Euro Sports Correspondents

The following provide additional comment, news and insight into all the latest Euro 2012 new.  Gavin Thomas, Sarah Hansen, Paul Brock, Tim Hazel and Christian Ibrahim.